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P001 Hierarchically stacked graph convolution for emotion recognition in conversation 王斌强、董刚、赵雅倩、李仁刚、曹其春、胡克坤、蒋东东 Knowledge-Based Systems 查看
P002 MuSc: Zero-Shot Industrial Anomaly Classification and Segmentation with Mutual Scoring of the Unlabeled Images 李煦蕤、黄子鸣、薛峰、周瑜 ICLR 查看
P003 Credible Dual-Expert Learning for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation 张冰峰、肖继民、魏云超、赵耀 IJCV 查看
P004 CTCP: Cross Transformer and CNN for Pansharpening 苏昭、杨勇、黄淑英、万伟国、涂伟、卢航远、陈常杰 ACMM 查看
P005 PromptAD: Learning Prompts with only Normal Samples for Few-Shot Anomaly Detection 李晓凡、张志忠、谭鑫*、陈成伟、曲延云、谢源、马利庄 CVPR 查看
P006 Topic Scene Graph Generation by Attention Distillation from Caption 王文彬、王瑞平、陈熙霖 ICCV 查看
P007 Importance First: Generating Scene Graph of Human Interest 王文彬、王瑞平、山世光、陈熙霖 IJCV 查看
P008 CAT-DM: Controllable Accelerated Virtual Try-on with Diffusion Model 曾建豪、宋丹、聂为之、田宏硕、王彤彤、刘安安 CVPR 查看
P009 Label Information Bottleneck for Label Enhancement 郑清海、祝继华、唐昊煜 CVPR 查看
P010 Retinal Layer Segmentation in OCT images with Boundary Regression and Feature Polarization 谭玉博、申文达、武铭远、刘桂娜、赵世轩、陈杨、杨开富、李永杰 IEEE TMI 查看
P011 Registration of Multiview Point Clouds with Unknown Overlap 赵佳文、朱青、王耀南、彭伟星、张辉、毛建旭 IEEE TMM 查看
P012 Position-Aware Relation Learning for RGB-Thermal Salient Object Detection 周恒、田春娜、张振熙、李承阳、丁宇轩、谢永强、李忠博 IEEE TIP 查看
P013 Frequency-aware feature aggregation network with dual-task consistency for RGB-T salient object detection 周恒、田春娜、张振熙、李承阳、谢永强、李忠博 Pattern Recognition 查看
P014 An enhanced multi-modal brain graph network for classifying neuropsychiatric disorders 刘亮亮、王玉平、王怡、张佩、熊蜀峰 Medical image analysis 查看
P015 HairManip:High quality hair manipulation via hair element disentangling 赵辉煌,张林,Paul L.Rosin , 来煜坤 , 王耀南 Pattern Recognition 查看
P016 Spatial-Temporal Knowledge-Embedded Transformer for Video Scene Graph Generation 蒲韬、陈添水、吴贺丰、卢永毅、林倞 IEEE TIP 查看
P017 MetaZSCIL: A Meta-Learning Approach for Generalized Zero-Shot Class Incremental Learning 吴亚楠、梁腾飞、冯松鹤、金一、吕庚育、Haojun Fei、Yang Wang AAAI 查看
P018 Cross-Modality Transformer With Modality Mining for Visible-Infrared Person Re-Identification 梁腾飞、金一、刘武、李浥东 IEEE TMM 查看
P019 Bridging the Gap: Multi-level Cross-modality Joint Alignment for Visible-infrared Person Re-identification 梁腾飞、金一、刘武、王涛、冯松鹤、李浥东 IEEE TCSVT 查看
P020 Coarse-to-Fine Amodal Segmentation with Shape Prior 高剑雄、钱学林、王艺楷、肖天骏、何通、张峥、付彦伟 ICCV 查看
P021 Towards Source-free Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation via Importance-aware and Prototype-contrast Learning 曹意宏、张辉、卢笑、肖正、杨恺伦、王耀南 IEEE TIV 查看
P022 Cross-Modal Fusion and Progressive Decoding Network for RGB-D Salient Object Detection 胡锡航、孙福明、孙静、王法胜、李豪杰 IJCV 查看
P023 Efficient Camouflaged Object Detection Network Based on Global Localization Perception and Local Guidance Refinement 胡锡航、张小利、王法胜、孙静、孙福明 IEEE TCSVT 查看
P024 GyroFlow+: Gyroscope-Guided Unsupervised Deep Homography and Optical Flow Learning 李海鹏、罗堃铭、曾兵、刘帅成 IJCV 查看
P025 Spatial-Related Sensors Matters: 3D Human Motion Reconstruction Assisted with Textual Semantics 杨雪元,姚超,班晓娟 AAAI 查看
P026 Perception-and-Cognition-Inspired Quality Assessment for Sonar Image Super-Resolution 陈炜玲、蔡柏亲、郑素梅、赵铁松、顾锞 IEEE TMM 查看
P027 Facial Video-Based Remote Physiological Measurement via Self-Supervised Learning 岳子杰、史淼晶、丁帅 IEEE TPAMI 查看
P028 Boosting Continual Learning of Vision-Language Models via Mixture- of-Experts Adapters 于佳左、诸葛云志、张璐、胡平、王栋、卢湖川、何友 CVPR 查看
P029 psoResNet: an Improved PSO-Based Residual Network Search Algorithm 王殿伟、翟蕾蕾、房杰、李苑青、许志杰 Neural Networks 查看
P030 SAAN: Similarity-Aware Attention Flow Network for Change Detection With VHR Remote Sensing Images 郭昊南、苏鑫、武辰 、杜博、张良培 IEEE TIP 查看
P031 Visible-Infrared Person Re-Identification via Partially Interactive Collaboration 郑向涛、陈秀妹、卢孝强 IEEE TIP 查看
P032 LEAD: Exploring Logit Space Evolution for Model Selection 胡子轩、李晓彤、唐诗翔、刘俊、胡一淳、段凌宇 CVPR 查看
P033 Small Object Detection via Coarse-to-fine Proposal Generation and Imitation Learning 袁翔、程塨、延可冰、曾庆华、韩军伟 ICCV 查看
P034 SpectralNeRF: Physically Based Spectral Rendering with Neural Radiance Field 李茹、刘嘉、刘光辉、张盛平、曾兵、刘帅成 AAAI 查看
P035 HILP: hardware-in-loop pruning of convolutional neural networks towards inference acceleration 李栋、叶倩倩、郭潇月、孙运达、张丽 Neural Computing and Applications 查看
P036 UniPAD: A Universal Pre-training Paradigm for Autonomous Driving 杨鸿辉、张莎、黄迪、吴虓杨、朱皓怡、贺通、唐诗翔、赵恒爽、邱奇波、林彬彬、何晓飞、欧阳万里 CVPR 查看
P037 Oriented R-CNN and Beyond 谢星星、程塨、王家宝、李科、姚西文、韩军伟 IJCV 查看
P038 A Unified Pansharpening Model Based on Band-Adaptive Gradient and Detail Correction 卢航远,杨勇,黄淑英,涂伟,万伟国 IEEE TIP 查看
P039 K3DN: Disparity-aware Kernel Estimation for Dual-Pixel Defocus Deblurring 杨焱、潘利源、刘流、Miaomiao Liu CVPR 查看
P040 One is All: Bridging the Gap Between Neural Radiance Fields Architectures with Progressive Volume Distillation 方双康、许伟欣、王亨、杨弋、王玉峰、周舒畅 AAAI 查看
P041 Weighted Nuclear Norms of Transformed Tensors for Nonlocal Hyperspectral Image Denoising 张瑞、杨丽霞、刘国军、冯象初 IEEE GRSL 查看
P042 A Pedestrian is Worth One Prompt: Towards Language Guidance Person Re-Identification 杨泽娴、吴大衍、吴陈铭、林政、谷井子、王伟平 CVPR 查看
P043 TSK: A Trustworthy Semantic Keypoint Detector for Remote Sensing Images 曹婧宜、尤亚楠、黎超、刘军 IEEE TGRS 查看
P044 Deep Rank-N Decomposition Network for Image Fusion 孙鲁丹、张凯、张风、万文博、孙建徳 IEEE TMM 查看
P045 DomainPlus: cross transform domain learning towards high dynamic range imaging 郑博仑、潘潇恺、张桦、周晓飞、格雷戈里-斯拉博、颜成钢、袁善新 ACMM 查看
P046 Improving dynamic hdr imaging with fusion transformer 陈如枫、郑博仑、张桦、陈泉、颜成钢、格雷戈里-斯拉博、袁善新 AAAI 查看
P047 A New Comprehensive Benchmark for Semi-supervised Video Anomaly Detection and Anticipation 曹聪琦、路悦、王鹏、张艳宁 CVPR 查看
P048 Context Recovery and Knowledge Retrieval: A Novel Two-Stream Framework for Video Anomaly Detection 曹聪琦、路悦、张艳宁 IEEE TIP 查看
P049 MeaCap: Memory-Augmented Zero-shot Image Captioning 曾泽群、谢岩、张昊、陈驰宇、王正珏、陈渤 CVPR 查看
P050 ConZIC: Controllable Zero-shot Image Captioning by Sampling-Based Polishing 曾泽群、张昊、王正珏、鲁瑞颖、王东升、陈渤 CVPR 查看
P051 Quad Bayer Joint Demosaicing and Denoising Based on Dual Encoder Network with Joint Residual Learning 郑博仑、李浩然、陈泉、王廷宇、周晓飞、胡正辉、颜成钢 AAAI 查看
P052 Learning to Adapt to Light 杨开富、程成、赵世轩、颜红梅、张显石、李永杰 IJCV 查看
P053 Depth-Aware Concealed Crop Detection in Dense Agricultural Scenes 王立琼、杨金宇、张彦夫、汪方毅、郑锋 CVPR 查看
P054 FourLLIE: Boosting Low-Light Image Enhancement by Fourier Frequency Information 王晨曦、伍鸿钧、金枝 ACMM 查看
P055 HairManip: High quality hair manipulation via hair element disentangling 赵辉煌,张林,Paul L.Rosin,来煜坤,王耀南 Pattern Recognition 查看
P056 Deep Quality Assessment of Compressed Videos: A Subjective and Objective Study 林丽群、王郑、何嘉晨、陈炜玲、徐艺文,Yiwen Xu1, and Tiesong Zhao IEEE TCSVT 查看
P057 LAKE-RED: Camouflaged Images Generation by Latent Background Knowledge Retrieval-Augmented Diffusion 赵攀诚、徐鹏、秦鹏达、范登平、张知诚、贾国力、周伯文、杨巨峰 CVPR 查看
P058 Semantic Lens: Instance-Centric Semantic Alignment for Video Super-Resolution 唐麒、赵耀、刘美琴、金鉴、姚超 AAAI 查看
P059 Kernel Dimension Matters: to Activate Available Kernels for Real-time Video Super-Resolution 金硕,刘美琴,姚超,林春雨,赵耀 ACMM 查看
P060 Joint Shared-and-Specific Information for Deep Multi-View Clustering 陈瑾、黄爱萍、高伟、牛玉贞、赵铁松 IEEE TCSVT 查看
P061 HCSD-Net: Single Image Desnowing with Color Space Transformation 张婷、江楠峰、吴洪鑫、张可可、牛玉贞、赵铁松 ACMM 查看
P062 Real-World Light Field Image Super-Resolution Via Degradation Modulation 王应谦、梁政宇、王龙光、杨俊刚、安玮、郭裕兰 IEEE TNNLS 查看
P063 Learning from Text: A Multimodal Face Inpainting Network for Irregular Holes 詹丹丹、吴嘉豪、罗兴、金枝 IEEE TCSVT 查看
P064 Multiple Planar Object Tracking 张知诚、刘胜哲、杨巨峰 ICCV 查看
P065 Towards More Unified In-context Visual Understanding 盛典墨、陈冬冬、谭振涛、刘乾坤、储琪、鲍建敏、龚涛、刘斌、许盛伟、俞能海 CVPR 查看
P066 Benchmarking the Robustness of Temporal Action Detection Models Against Temporal Corruptions 曾润浩、陈潇泳、梁家鸣、吴惠思、曹广忠、国雍 CVPR 查看
P067 Source-free Depth for Object Pop-out 吴宗蔚、Danda Pani Paudel、范登平、王晶晶、王朔、Cedric Demonceaux、Radu Timofte、Luc Van Gool ICCV 查看
P068 Continual All-in-One Adverse Weather Removal with Knowledge Replay on a Unified Network Structure 程徳、姬延岭、巩东、王楠楠、韩军伟、张鼎文 IEEE TMM 查看
P069 LDRM: Degradation Rectify Model for Low-light Imaging via Color-Monochrome Cameras 林俊鸿、裴舒凡、陈兵、江楠峰、高伟、赵铁松 ACMM 查看
P070 GP-NeRF: Generalized Perception NeRF for Context-Aware 3D Scene Understanding 李昊、张鼎文、戴雅伦、刘念、程乐超、李靖峰、王井东、韩军伟 CVPR 查看
P071 SG-BEV: Satellite-Guided BEV Fusion for Cross-View Semantic Segmentation 叶俊言、罗祺彦、于锦华、郑智萌、钟华平、何聪辉、李唯嘉 CVPR 查看
P072 Generating Content for HDR Deghosting from Frequency View 胡涛、闫庆森、齐元凯、张艳宁 CVPR 查看
P073 Instruct-ReID: A Multi-purpose Person Re-identification Task with Instructions 何威振,邓以恒,唐诗翔,陈祺浩,谢青松,王逸舟,白磊,朱烽,赵瑞,欧阳万里,齐冬莲,闫云凤 CVPR 查看
P074 Firzen: Firing Strict Cold-Start Items with Frozen Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Graphs for Recommendation 何胡凌霄、何相腾、彭宇新、单子非、苏鑫 ICDE 查看
P075 FinePOSE: Fine-Grained Prompt-Driven 3D Human Pose Estimation via Diffusion Models 徐婧林、郭奕杰、彭宇新 CVPR 查看
P076 Multi-Modal Validation and Domain Interaction Learning for Knowledge-based Visual Question Answering 徐宁、高逸飞、刘安安、田宏硕、张勇东 TKDE 查看
P077 FineSports: A Multi-person Hierarchical Sports Video Dataset for Fine-grained Action Understanding 徐婧林、赵国豪、尹思博、周汶昊、彭宇新 CVPR 查看
P078 FineParser: A Fine-grained Spatio-temporal Action Parser for Human-centric Action Quality Assessment 徐婧林、尹思博、赵国豪、王梓烁、彭宇新 CVPR 查看
P079 Unsigned Orthogonal Distance Fields: An Accurate Neural Implicit Representation for Diverse 3D Shapes 卢雨洁、万龙、丁纳钰、王渝龙、申抒含、蔡棽、高林 CVPR 查看
P080 Mind Your Augmentation: The Key to Decoupling Dense Self-Supervised Learning 丘琮培、张同、伍彦豪、柯炜、Mathieu Salzmann、Sabine Süsstrunk ICLR 查看
P081 Positive-Negative Receptive Field Reasoning for Omni-supervised 3D Segmentation 谭鑫、马启航、龚靖渝、许嘉晨、张志忠、宋海川、曲延云、谢源、马利庄 IEEE TPAMI 查看
P082 Deep Perturbation Learning: Enhancing the Network Performance via Image Perturbations 宋子帆、龚晓、胡国圣、赵才荣 ICML 查看
P083 Perception-Driven Similarity-Clarity Tradeoff for Image Super-Resolution Quality Assessment 张可可、赵铁松、陈炜玲、牛玉贞、胡锦松、林维斯 IEEE TCSVT 查看
P084 Meta Continual Learning Revisited: Implicitly Enhancing Hessian Online Hessian Approximation via Variance Reduction 吴一尘, 黄隆锴, 王仁振, 孟德宇, 魏颖 ICLR 查看
P085 FSC: Few-point Shape Completion 吴显祖、吴显峰、栾天宇、白亚靖、赖重远、袁浚菘 CVPR 查看
P086 3D Building Reconstruction from Monocular Remote Sensing Images with Multi-level Supervision 李唯嘉、杨浩特、胡郑浩、郑珏鹏、夏桂松、何聪辉 CVPR 查看
P087 OmniCity: Omnipotent City Understanding with Multi-level and Multi-view Images 李唯嘉、赖亚文、徐霖宁、相里元博、于锦华、何聪辉、夏桂松、林达华 CVPR 查看
P088 SpFormer: Spatio-Temporal Modeling for Scanpaths with Transformer 钟文琦、余霖智、夏辰、韩军伟、张鼎文 AAAI 查看
P089 Learning to Supervise Knowledge Retrieval over a Tree Structure for Visual Question Answering 徐宁、逯子慕、田宏硕、康荣保、曹晋博、张勇东、刘安安 IEEE TMM 查看
P090 VSCode: General Visual Salient and Camouflaged Object Detectionwith 2D Prompt Learning 罗子扬、刘念、赵望博、杨旭广、张鼎文、范登平、法赫德·汗、韩军伟 CVPR 查看
P091 Toward Fast, Flexible, and Robust Low-Light Image Enhancement 马龙、马腾宇、刘日升、樊鑫、罗钟铉 CVPR 查看
P092 Equivariant Multi-Modality Image Fusion 赵子祥、白浩闻、张讲社、张宇伦、张凯、徐爽、陈东东、Radu Timofte、Luc Van Gool CVPR 查看
P093 DDFM: Denoising Diffusion Model for Multi-Modality Image Fusion 赵子祥、白浩闻、朱元治、张讲社、徐爽、张宇伦、张凯、孟德宇、Radu Timofte、Luc Van Gool ICCV 查看
P094 Discrete Cosine Transform Network for Guided Depth Map Super-Resolution 赵子祥、张讲社、徐爽、林祖迪、Hanspeter Pfister CVPR 查看
P095 Event Camera Data Pre-training 杨焱、潘利源、刘流 ICCV 查看
P096 A Local and Global Feature Disentangled Network: Toward Classification of Benign-malignant Thyroid Nodules from Ultrasound Image 赵世轩、陈杨、杨开富、罗燕、马步云、李永杰 IEEE TMI 查看
P097 Language-driven All-in-one Adverse Weather Removal 杨浩、潘利源、杨焱、梁玮 CVPR 查看
P098 Cutmib: Boosting light field super-resolution via multi-view image blending 肖泽宇、刘宇桐、高瑞声、熊志伟 CVPR 查看
P099 K3DN: Disparity-aware Kernel Estimation for Dual-Pixel Defocus Deblurring 杨浩、潘利源、刘流、Miaomiao Liu CVPR 查看
P100 LDP: Language-driven Dual-Pixel Image Defocus Deblurring Network 杨浩、潘利源、杨焱、Richard Hartley、Miaomiao Liu CVPR 查看
P101 Instance-aware Dynamic Prompt Tuning for Pre-trained Point Cloud Models 查耀华、王锦鹏、戴涛、陈斌、王智、夏树涛 ICCV 查看
P102 Towards Compact 3D Representations via Point Feature Enhancement Masked Autoencoders 查耀华、季慧珍、李金敏、李荣升、戴涛、陈斌、王智、夏树涛 AAAI 查看
P103 Visual Programming for Zero-shot Open-Vocabulary 3D Visual Grounding 袁之浩、任金科、冯春梅、赵恒爽、崔曙光、李镇 CVPR 查看
P104 Learning Deep Context-Sensitive Decomposition for Low-Light Image Enhancement 马龙、刘日升、张嘉奥、樊鑫、罗钟铉 IEEE TNNLS 查看
P105 Bilevel Fast Scene Adaptation for Low-Light Image Enhancement 马龙、金典、安南、刘晋源、樊鑫、罗钟铉、刘日升 IJCV 查看
P106 Low-Light Image Enhancement Network Based on Multi-Scale Feature Complementation 杨勇,许文志,黄淑英,万伟国 AAAI 查看
P107 MFTN: Multi-Level Feature Transfer Network Based on MRI-Transformer for MR Image Super-Resolution 黄淑英,陈格,杨勇 ,王晓争,梁晨滨 AAAI 查看
P108 DINN360: Deformable Invertible Neural Network for Latitude-aware 360◦ Image Rescaling 郭苡辰,徐迈,蒋铼,Leonid Sigal,陈韵锦 CVPR 查看