Spotlight 日程

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S01 A Survey on Information Bottleneck 胡世哲、娄铮铮、闫小强、叶阳东 胡世哲 查看
S02 Identity-Guided Collaborative Learning for Cloth-Changing Person Reidentification 高赞、魏盛旬、关惟俐、朱磊、汪萌、陈胜勇 高赞 查看
S03 ARTrackV2: Prompting Autoregressive Tracker Where to Look and How to Describe 白奕凡、赵泽阳、龚怡宏、魏星 梁诗怡 查看
S04 Mutual-Assistance Learning for Object Detection 谢星星、郎春博、缪仕城、程塨、李科、韩军伟 谢星星 查看
S05 DMHomo: Learning Homography with Diffusion Models 李海鹏、江海、罗骜、谭平、范浩强、曾兵、刘帅成 李海鹏 查看
S06 Vision transformer: To discover the “four secrets” of image patches 周涛、牛玉霞、陆惠玲、彭彩月、郭玉洁、周挥宇 牛玉霞 查看
S07 Multi-path Fusion in SFCF-Net for Enhanced Multi-frequency Electrical Impedance Tomography 田翔、叶健安、张涛、张靓靓、刘学超、付峰、史学涛、徐灿华 田翔 查看
S08 Co-Occurrence Matters: Learning Action Relation for Temporal Action Localization 曹聪琦、王祎哲、张越然、路悦、张馨、张艳宁 张越然 查看
S09 A deep-learning-based framework for identifying and localizing multiple abnormalities and assessing cardiomegaly in chest X-ray 范卫杰、杨毅、粘永健、张冬等 粘永健 查看
S10 Base and Meta: A New Perspective on Few-Shot Segmentation 郎春博、程塨、屠斌飞、李超、韩军伟 郎春博 查看
S11 Building Bridges across Spatial and Temporal Resolutions: Reference-Based Super-Resolution via Change Priors and Conditional Diffusion Model 董润敏、袁帅、罗彬、陈梦璇、张金潇、张立贤、李唯嘉、郑珏鹏、付昊桓 董润敏 查看
S12 Towards High-quality HDR Deghosting with Conditional Diffusion Models 闫庆森、胡涛、孙源、唐浩、朱宇、董玮、Luc Van Gool、张艳宁 胡涛 查看
S13 Rank-One Prior: Real-Time Scene Recovery 刘俊,刘文,孙佳宁,曾铁勇 刘俊 查看
S14 Graph Convolutional Module for Temporal Action Localization in Videos 曾润浩、黄文炳、谭明奎、荣钰、赵沛霖、黄俊洲、淦创 曾润浩 查看
S15 CMW-Net: Learning a Class-Aware Sample Weighting Mapping for Robust Deep Learning 束俊、袁翔、孟德宇、徐宗本 袁翔 查看
S16 Disentangling Light Fields for Super-Resolution and Disparity Estimation 王应谦、王龙光、吴高昌、杨俊刚、安玮、虞晶怡、郭裕兰 王应谦 查看
S17 Learning with Nested Scene Modeling and Cooperative Architecture Search for Low-Light Vision 刘日升、马龙、马腾宇、樊鑫、罗钟铉 马龙 查看
S18 Temporal Wavelet Transform-Based Low-Complexity Perceptual Quality Enhancement of Compressed Video 董存辉、马海川、李卓元、李礼、刘东 李卓元 查看
S19 GCoNet+: A Stronger Group Collaborative Co-Salient Object Detector 郑鹏、付华柱、范登平、范琦、秦杰、戴宇荣、郑智强、Luc Van Gool 郑鹏 查看
S20 SMPLer: Taming Transformers for Monocular 3D Human Shape and Pose Estimation 许翔宇、刘丽娟、颜水城 张嘉桓 查看
S21 Learning Frequency Domain Priors for Image Demoireing 郑博仑、袁善欣、颜成钢、田翔、张继勇、孙垚棋、刘林等 郑博仑 查看